RzR shifter for other Toyota cars

Since the beginning, we have been getting requests from people that want to use the RzR shifter in their Toyota project for which we don’t manufacture.

Most of the time it is possible to use our shifter for other Toyota models. From the late 80s to the 2000s Toyota has been making shifters with slightly different shapes, but most of them are very similar and compatible. Maybe you have to make new holes on the chassis to bolt it down, or you have to make a new hole on the floor/firewall to put the shifter cables through, but after that, it will work. It is especially easy for race cars that don’t have parts in the interior, but also possible for streetcar modifying and trimming the plastic of the centre console for example.

So, if you are interested in purchasing one of our shifters for a Toyota car we don’t have listed in the shop and for the same price (690€ plus shipping), fill in the following form and we will respond as soon as possible with a solution.

Check the SPAM FOLDER after a few days if you don't see a reply, please. Ricardo usually replies within 24 hours. Other way to reach him out is to DM him on instagram of facebook.