A small workshop in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean creating performance parts for the Toyota ZZ community all around the world

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RzR – The Company and Ricardo Zamora Rojas

RzR Performance – The company

RzR Performance has been created as the result of the wonderful welcome from the 1zz and 2zz community to make shifters for Corolla, MR2 and Celica from the 90s and 2000s.

Everything started as a hobby back in 2017 when Ricardo was living in the UK. He had a huge play in the shifter of his Corolla Tsport, so he decided to solve the issue and add some extra features to improve the driving experience of the car. In one of his vacations to his homeland, Tenerife —in the Canary Islands— he designed and made the first shifter and installed it in the car. The upgrade was so extraordinary that he decided to make a short video to simply show it to his friends. But faster than fire, after posting the video online of him using the shifter, he started to get requests from other Corolla and MR-S owners that wanted to improve their driving experience too. So, at the end of 2017, early 2018 he made the first badge of RzR shifters and started shipping it to all around the world.

Then Ricardo and his wife decide to move back home, to Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain). But although other projects are in the way, he continues to get requests to make more shifters.

A few years go by getting a lot of requests and finally, in 2020 Ricardo decided to start making shifters again. This time he was going to be more serious regarding the company/business. Bigger batch quantities, better quality, superior finishing, lower manufacturing costs, lower final prices and even better customer service.

The present continues with the development of more fascinating performance parts for the 1zz and 2zz community while working on other projects about technical pieces of art (RzR Watches).

The future is clear, Ricardo will keep making car and motorcycle parts while exploring other fields of the engineering/manufacturing world.

Thank you for your interest in RzR!

Ricardo Zamora Rojas


Everything started from an early age in the late 90’s when I wanted to be an inventor. All made sense; I would have my own lab, and I would be like one of these inventors in the films.

As a teenager I was always very explorer and creative, I think that because of the education received. An education driven by a jeweller brother, a handywoman mother and a doctor father. This mix of knowledge and different ways of seeing the world makes me become an open mind guy with a lot of projects and dreams to achieve.

Between 2009 and 2013 I was studying mechanical engineering while spending my free time in my workshop manufacturing all kinds of stuff. Tiny jewellery pieces, steel structures, carbon fiber parts, a wind tunnel for an aerodynamic project, a supermotard pit bike with my brother and so many more things. Fundamentally, exploring why, when, how and what I wanted to do.

What I didn’t know is that some years later I was going to mix my love for mechanical objects, design and materials to create a watch company —RzR Watches— plus a workshop where I make specific performance parts for cars —RzR Performance.

In 2014 my wife and I moved from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain, to England for work, to explore the world from a different perspective and to learn the international language. What an experience… London became my new neighbourhood. A place full of energy, where I started building the best and most complex project I’ve ever done —RzR Watches.

Then, after 5 years of inhaling the powerful knowledge of a foreign country with a different culture and language, in 2019 my wife and I decided to come back home. We are close to our family, best friends and in a land where we can explode all the knowledge and experience we’ve been collecting.

Now, fast forward to 2022, I divide my time between working on RzR Watches (silently), RzR Performance and enjoying the other time with family and friends.

Love nature, the universe and life
Driven by passion, energy and insight
Enjoy exploring, creating and sharing
Passionate about, science, art and engineering
Sparks me the dream, the contribution and the challenge
Pursuing minimalism, harmony and happiness