RunX / Allex shifter


The RzR shifter is designed to place the knob closer to the steering wheel, reduce the travel between gears and give you a super-precise and solid feeling of the H pattern.

It replaces the plastic OEM or TRD short shifter to improve tremendously your driving experience even for your daily car.

This variant of the shifter works for Corolla RunX, Toyota Allex, Corolla Sportivo and Corolla Fielder

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RunX / Allex shifter

The RzR shifter is 10cm higher than the stock part, so the knob will be closer to the steering wheel for fast shifting. Especially convenient in motorsports but also genuinely enjoyable to use in daily cars*.

It is fully adjustable to allow you to adapt the shifter to your driving style. You can shorten the distance between gears by adjusting the longitudinal and transversal throw. You decide how much and adjust it yourself following the easy instructions of the manual provided. This feature of adjustability and the fact that we designed the spring of the lateral movement of the shifter to be stiffer, is essential because makes it harder to go inside the path of the reverse gear when you are changing from 1º to 2º with the 6-speed gearbox.

Lastly, experience the RzR shifter’s best feature—a super-precise and solid sensation—thanks to the chosen materials and our meticulous design.


– Stainless steel 304L brushed finish sheet (CNC laser cut)
– Anodized 6061 aluminium (CNC milled)
– Stainless steel 304L rod (CNC lathed)
– Spherical plain bearings made of steel/PTFE
– Oil-filled sintered bronze bush (minimum 18% oil)
– Stainless steel 302 spring (Handcrafted)
– Stainless steel hardware


The stick allows you to use the OEM Toyota knob or an aftermarket one that has a thread of M12 x 1.25. Anyway, a carbon fiber (aluminium inside) knob is included with the purchase.

We number every shifter and make a custom badge with your name and the serial number. It doesn’t add any rational feature, but you know how many more people with these technical pieces are spread around the planet. Somehow it connects us in a small but very passionate community that loves these cars.


Most of the people who have the RzR Shifter use the car for motorsport purposes. They don’t have anything in the interior of the car, so the installation is easier. But if you want to keep the OEM look you will have to trim some parts of the center console of the car and move some items.

The installation in the Corolla RunX/Allex is very simple because you only have to cut the plastic that holds the leather that covers the shifting stick. That allows for some room to protrude the RzR Shifter that is 10cm higher.
You also have to unbolt the airbag control unit, move the shifting cables from underneath, and put them on top.
All of this is explained in the installation manual.


– The RzR Shifter
– Carbon fiber knob (M12x1.25)
– Set of bolts and washers to install the shifter on the car.
– Installation manual.

* Please contact your local vehicle registration office to know if this product is street legal in your country.

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